Best facts about KEECKER Home-Pod that shows is perfect for your homes as entertainment device


Have you ever imagined you want a home computer which follow you around and want to get rid of from the cables and those dusty desktops and monitors? Then KEECKER home-pod is the new revolution you are talking about, where there was a time when you need to use your laptops, tablets, only in your room with just a small screen, instead now you can make the whole house your screen. With this amazing piece of technology you can turn your imagination into reality and enjoy wire free internet that is connected 24/7 with digital content anywhere around the house.

It is a kind of robot computer that can help and allow you to get access to your data, music, movies, channels, and literally with anything without connecting with a screen. It will work as your screen and can go anywhere whenever you need it. Now, you can save all your life’s greatest moments with using any camera and take videos and capture every single moment.

That is why below we have listed the best facts about KEECKER home-pod that shows is perfect for your homes as entertainment device to help you understand what exactly it is, which are the things it is designed to provide you, how it really works, when it will be launched, and is it truly the future of technology that can make our lives easier.

What exactly it is?

Basically, it is a little wire free computer robot and work as a device to provide you the high quality in entertainment. Every person has his own level of interest when it comes to entertaining department. Where this project comes big time and you can see anything and use every place of your wall as large screen.

Which are the things it is designed to provide you?

It can work the way you want it to be, from moving room to room including,

  1. Web browsing
  2. Video gaming
  3. Digital and media contents
  4. Home security system
  5. Family chat
  6. Exercising

How it really works?

You just have install KEECKER app in your Smartphone’s.  It has projection, sound, camera, movement, and advanced sensors and you can operate it with any Android and IOS phones. You can play direct any video, audio, and picture content on your devices with the help of it. The way it has designed that anyone can set it for their homes or offices in less than 4 minutes.

When it will be launched?

KEECKER home-pod will officially launch on July 2016 this year and the way it has going it has already breaking records of pre ordering will cost $1,500 initially.

Is it truly the future of technology that can make our lives easier?

You can say that just like you use a computer and with the evolving technology it is only a perfect source of entertainment which has made our lives easier, now you won’t need wired cables to connect with any device instead now you can share your precious moment friends and family events anywhere and share it.

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