What makes Om One speaker different from the other audio devices in terms of technology


There are so many types of Bluetooth speakers coming in the market that it is hard to choose which one to pick. That is where Om one comes around who is not any ordinary speaker. But a levitating one, How many of you are fan of an audio speaker that you want in your house or office where someone came and praises you with your choice. Technology has many faces and it has leaved nobody so we as humans can make our lives more comfortable and easy in so many ways. We all want to listen to our favorite music and songs with best stereo sound in which we have to wired it and plug too many cables so we can enjoy.

It may work as like the other ordinary Bluetooth speakers but its levitation makes it different, it is not any magic trick it is simply a hardware who is rely on the electromagnetic field and keep the round shaped circle (speaker) float in the mid air and the ball spins endlessly.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about what makes Om one speaker different from the other audio devices in terms of technology to help you understand what it is, how does it work, which are the things it offers, how much it would cost you, and why you should have this rare piece of technology in your office desk.

What it is?

Yes, you have read it right. It is a rotating orb like thing that floats in mid air and runs your favorite tunes because of its magnetic base. The great thing about it is that it is portable one with amazing size and weight.

How does it work?

Apart from its beautiful presentation and design it has one of the awesome sound effects when you are listening to the music. You don’t have to plug it or set it with any desktop or laptop it will work right in the mid air defying the gravity and spinning.

Which are the things it offers?

Today, the world is filled with numerous speakers and sound systems, but this is compatible to work with Smartphone’s, Macs, PC’s, and other Bluetooth devices. Offers few new things in its arsenal such as,

  1. Number one and true stereo sound
  2. Supported with Bluetooth 4.0
  3. Built-in microphone
  4. Very Portable
  5. Quality audio
  6. Works with any phone

How much it would cost you?

With it eye catching design Om one is available in black and white color and you can get it at the price of $180 and it will run more than 16 hours with impressive volume system.

Why you should have this rare piece of technology in your office desk

The cool thing about this speaker is that everyone who will visit you at your office will eventually see at your desk and you can impress your clients in every way possible and your boss too. This ultimately shows how much technology lover you are.