Is Intel smart car the future of next generation vehicles in terms of security?

Intel smart car

Cars just got better with the help of Intel security program (ASRB) automotive security review board that can helps drivers to run on roads safely with is Intel smart car. Many people usually face so much trouble while driving most number of times in department of security. Intel automakers have given us the vision that vehicles can go beyond our expectations and prevent any kind of serious trouble. Now cars are not just a simple physical device anymore they have grown in technology because the number of cyber attacks and car theft are increasing day by day so it is the demands of every person to get the best security system that can make their vehicles secure in every way possible.

Mostly automobile companies have agreed to make an exception for it with Intel security technology called (ASRB) to lower the causes of accidents on the roads. Life is very unpredictable anything can be happen you can suffer a sudden break loss or just made the wrong turn that is where cyber security comes in hand to control everything inside the cars.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about is Intel smart car the future of next generation vehicles in terms of security to help you understand what are the new features we will get to see, how this new security system works, when it will be launched, and why this technology is the solution for all your automate problems.

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What are the new features we will get to see?

Thanks to the automotive security review board chip cars has changed from A to Z and introduces some brand new features including,

  1. Sensors
  2. Cameras
  3. Internet connection
  4. Computerized maintenance
  5. Infotainment dashboards

How this new security system works?

The purpose of this Intel chip is to help make the security better from cyber attacks. It can control all your physical things in the car and provide a guideline to help driver to drive more safely by giving notifications and beep signals. It can improve your driving experience and keep the vehicle in good shape.

When it will be launched?

Intel is brining all the automakers together to a conclusion to make the future better in so many ways. More than 1.5 million vehicle owners are eager to get their cars upgraded with this new chip. Intel’s vision of a futuristic car can help them connected with each other to integrate on all modern cars. It is expected to arrive in sometime in 2017 some might can get their hands on earlier but one thing is certain once you put it into good use your vehicle will be safe from any harmful collaborations.

Why this technology is the solution for all your automate problems?

With Intel smart car (ASRB) all of your vehicles problems can be solved. It can help make the economy better and decrease the car crime ratio in any country. Technology is created to help human beings where they can get fewer efforts but better results and it is the perfect ingredient your car needs to work safely on roads.