What New Features Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 7 will Offer


We all know that Apple is the company who specifically known for making one of the best looking Smartphone gadgets and like I-phones and I-pads. Many people across the world love to use them. Apart from them being expensive they have so much to offer in design, specifications, and features. Every year the company launches their flagship device by making some new improvements in it and this time they will launch iphone 7 who is rumored to be in development at the moment. Ever since the release of last year’s I-phone there are many speculations has going around what next company will do, they simply could want to ruin the popularity of their creation and they will come up with something new.

Apple’s I-phones are incredibly dominating the mobile marketing all over the world and they have build quite reputation from that. Normally the devices we have seen so far one after another have come with new improvements and slightly new specification but the main design remains the same. But this time the company has chosen different directions and called it next generation I-phone.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about what new features Apple’s iphone 7 will offer to help you understand what type of design it will have, what new features we can expect from it, what about the camera results, how much it would cost you, and when this new piece of technology will be out in the market.

What type of design it will have?

The rumors have spreading that the new I-phone will be thinner than the previous models. It will be slimmer from 6.1mm to 6.6mm. This makes it thinner than Apple’s I-pod. It certainly has metal design shaped body that consumers will experience new way of screen display and will make more sense.

What new features we can expect from it?

According to a survey the Apple will introduces some of the top features in their latest installment that will change the way of using I-phones including,

Removing the headphone jack and will support only wireless headphones

  1. OLED screen with 4K resolution
  2. Better battery life
  3. 16GB storage memory (lowest) also avail in (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB)
  4. 3D display
  5. Introduces new USB port
  6. A10 processor
  7. Wireless charging
  8. Larger screen than previous models of 7.1 inch
  9. Unlimited access to appsapple

What about the camera results of iphone 7?

The new upcoming I-phone will have two camera lenses that will allow the users to zoom in at very high resolution and record two videos at the same time. This will be first Smartphone to have dual lens camera with wide angle and will support 12 MP megapixels. Apple is aiming to use mockup technology in their camera system.

How much it would cost you?

The new iphone 7 is next generation Smartphone that has so much to offer and it will certainly too much expensive from the previous versions. The initial price of it will be $1,075 or could be even higher but it is definitely worth it.

When this new piece of technology will be out in the market?

The Apple will launch two model of the new I-phone this year September 2016. Each one will offer different updates and improvements.