Can Brain ORGANOIDS help to unlock human brain cells mysteries to grow them?


Brain is one of the most important parts of the human organ from where we think, react and cells that runs through it that delivers us the image of the things we see. But it also very big mysteries that we still don’t know how it is developed and how it works. At the very age of from our childhood to our adulthood we unlock some of the cells as we grow in that particular moment there are still some of the cells that won’t grow. Now many scientists and researchers are been working to develop a new way to grow human brain ORGANOIDS cells that can treat the brain disorders fight them and prevent from and cure them as well.

In the process we can also unlock the mysteries of human cells from how they are created and how they talk to each other can help us on all neurological levels. This is perhaps the biggest revolution in the human race to learn more about brain diseases in a new way.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about can brain ORGANOIDS help to unlock human brain cells mysteries to grow them to help our readers understand what is it, which human brain disorders it can prevent and cure, how they are being created, and why this technology can work as good as the real human brain.

What exactly they are?

Many of you will wonder what they are. Well, they are mini brains which are developed in labs in the pea sized like the brain tissue is also known as cerebral ORGANOIDS. They are the mimic of real human brain that responds and grow like the real ones. This is the new and fresh approach to prove the mental condition of a brain tissue.

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Which human brain disorders it can prevent and cure?

The idea is to plant these ORGANOIDS into a human diseased brain and see how accurately it reflects and effect on it using the drug on their tissues. Some brain disorders it can repair such as,

  1. Mental illness
  2. Dementia
  3. Neurological disorders
  4. Repair brain cells
  5. Brain cancer
  6.  Epilepsy
  7.  Autism

How they are being created?

Every mini brain that is created in the lab using human skin cells which they are tested on rats brain to see the side effects and get the genetic information how they can be changed. At first they are need to be programmed into the stem cells so they can have the ability to talk to each other like the real ones. They can be easily created from the intestines, liver, kidney, retina, thyroids, and prostate.

Why this technology can work as good as the real human brain?

With help of brain ORGANOIDS they could use to treat an abnormal human brain whose growth has stopped growing into the cells. This is by far the best breakthrough technology on the 21st century. They will work as the real brain does and people who is experiencing lower cell growth they can also increase it. The complexity of human brain is at very stake but it is worth to go for.