NVIDIA Shield Features for Android Needs

We all are very familiar when it comes to NVIDIA that has created one of the best media streaming devices till date. With the growing technology everyone wants to play video games and use unlimited app on their home television. This isn’t getting better than this one. It is the time when using internet really means something. The time for when you use the space underneath your television with BLU ray players, home theaters or gaming consoles are long gone thanks to the NVIDIA shield products that can offer so much like Google chrome cast, Apple TV, and Amazon fire TV. Who doesn’t want to use their TV and made set it up with the best streaming devices sitting right at their living rooms.

This far more better than Shield tablet and Shield portable devices, but it is a console that can perform well and also earns a rightful spot under your home theater. But how can you possibly know how much capabilities it has while fulfilling your desired media needs.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about what type of features NVIDIA shield offers related to android needs to help you understand is it really the best android box apparently, which of its features you can use, some pros and cons of it that you might want to know, how much it would cost you, and why this technology can prove much better than shield pro.

Is Nvidia Shield really the best android box apparently?

It can transform your TV experience into an ultra HD and is also an amazing gaming system. It is supported with 4K and can also deliver the apps in which many android phones fail to provide. It focuses on streaming games and you can watch all your favorite channels, like HBO, Netflix, SPOTIFY, ESPN, and many more.

Which of its features you can use?

This android TV is basically made for the gamers who like to play games of PC right on their TV sets and on twitch. It comes with a controller who is just the lookalike of the Xbox one. The android users will be familiar with it. Some of its features you can use such as,

  1. 4K supported
  2. 16GB storage
  3. Built in Wi-Fi
  4. 5 mega pixel camera
  5. 4GB RAM
  6. Quicker response time
  7. Unlimited games and applications

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Some pros and cons of it you might want to know?

Like its predecessors it is more reliable and work as smooth as it looks. Here are some pros and cons you might interested to find including,


  • Powerful features
  • sleek and unique design
  • great games collection
  • 4K compatible
  • comes with GE-force (future of streaming games)


  • Too much expensive
  • has its limitations
  • lack of some accessories

How much it would cost you?

The initial price of NVIDIA shield android TV would cost you $199 and you can also get some bonus content if you pre order it.

Why this technology can prove much better than shield pro?

It is all about the storage that shield pro was lacked and this new one also comes with a gaming controller and remote