Best reviews on Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung galaxy s7 & s7 edge

Samsung has just release its two flagships Smartphone’s that are considered the most ambitious handsets of the company. They are Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge and it is certain that they are the biggest android phones of 2016. In the mobile industry there are many major companies who are manufacturing their best cell phones and put the technology that can please the consumers. But Samsung is always known for steeping out of the boundaries and give us something different and fresh in their year to year gaps.

They are particularly android phones in which Samsung has injected them with new design, includes water resistant, adds micro-SD card slot, and now used support large battery.

That is why below we have listed the real facts about some best reviews about Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to see the difference between them to help you understand what new features they will have, what about the camera results, how much improvements they have made from the previous models, in what price they come in, and why you should rush to buy these new models in terms of technology.

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge Features

There are few new features have been introduced in the upcoming Samsung models that might get your interest such as,

samsung galaxy s7 s7 edge

  1. They come with android marshmallow software (6.1)
  2. 32 GB and 64 GB storage
  3. Can support Micro-SD card about 200GB
  4. Both have 5.1 inch screen (large)
  5. Water resistance
  6. Battery time has improved to (MAH 3,000)
  7. New processor Qualcomm snapdragon chip
  8. Adds gaming features to record, snapshot and do not disturb mode while playing them
  9. Both comes in three significant colors (gold, platinum, black, and onyx)
  10. Carrier Locks for SIM card

What about the camera results?

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You can see more shots at the Samsung Official website.

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both have lower camera of 12 megapixels this time.  The result is outstanding and you get the resolution of Ultra-HD to 2560×1440. Gets entire new feature of motion and panorama photo specifically suited for the outdoors.

How much improvements they have made from the previous models?

samsung galaxy s7 s7 edge

In design and hardware sections they have really surpassed their predecessors unlike last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge both were huge disappointments for lacking the water proofing and having bigger camera of 16 megapixels the result was unorthodox.

In what price Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge come in?

They both are set release in next month of March 11 and there is a slight difference in their prices. Consumers already pre ordered them will get their hands on them first and will cost you $570 for Samsung Galaxy S7 and $640 for S7 edge and it looks like they both are ready to break the sales record as well in UK region.

Why you should rush to buy these new models in terms of technology?

Samsung is known to introduce something new and unique for their fans and these both new handheld phones people has high hopes for them in the first place because they contain new technology and hardware that hasn’t been seen In any other android models.