Car-to-Car Communication drive more safely on the roads

Car Communication

Imagine you are on the road, driving the car. You came to a stop where you have to slow down and wait for the signals to turn green. As you try to start your engine and accelerate a warning signal appears flashing and your car seats are starting to vibrate. Well that means only one thing that your car is telling you to stop, as you trying thinking and out your foot on the brakes, another car which is moving very fast through the air in front of you. Running in red light signal that was recently yellow, how do you know to stop at that point? The answer is simple your car told you otherwise you will be in serious accident.

Car-to-Car Communication

The main question is how your car knew to stop? Today, when there is everything working in technology how cars can be left behind. We are living in the 21st century everyone likes to own a vehicle but with that there are also comes risks. Just like self driving was introduced as to prove very informative exactly like that a new way communicating in short range on cars has been in the making.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about how car-to-car communication can help you drive more safely on the roads to help you understand what it is, how does it works, which major auto companies have already developed it on their cars. And when we can expect to see this new technology hit the roads?

What it is vehicle to vehicle communication?

It is a wireless technology that vehicles are designed to talk to each other using the frequency of Wi-Fi range. It can help you predict the danger and gives you warning before any crash. It is certainly one of the best breakthrough technologies that have gained so much importance.

How does it work?

Thanks, to the cloud based program that has provided the wireless communication via servers. For a very short time it was a just a device that you need to put in the car that only works in a very short range of 5.9 GHZ and 1000 millimeters. It will work on prevent any traffic collisions, sudden accidents, roadblocks, and controlling the vehicle speed. It will provide 360 degrees coverage to the can owner with GPS and radar.Car Communications

Which major auto companies have already developed it on their cars?

According a survey this technology was already in development for over a decade and the reason to make it is because there are more than 2.2 million people has either injured or died from a car accident road death are increasing day by day. So, many major companies including,

  1. Toyota
  2. BMW
  3.  Honda
  4. Volvo
  5. Audi

Has been working on car-to-car communication by investing billions on their development

When we can expect to see this new technology hit the roads?

This new V2V communication system is expected to be launched next year in 2017 all the cars will be equipped with the capability to talk to each other and drivers can also help each other on the roads.