Top 5 Brain Controlled Computing gadgets you can use for interface with your thoughts

Brain Controlled Computing gadgets

Have you ever thought you can control an object with your mind it seems like very science fiction thing? It was merely a dream but with the growing technology many developers and scientists has made it a reality. There are some gadgets that can translate your brain waves turn them into commands to control computer devices. With the use of brain control interface a new way has been unlocked to make communication better using human brain. This can be very helpful for those people who is damaged to use their joints or unable to make any movements. Patients who are paralyzed could give a chance to control their computers, laptops, and wheelchairs with a wireless transmitter using their thoughts.

Just imagine you can move things with your mind with a great concentration, now we can say that the era of real technology has begun that we can only see as a myth. To complete real tasks and give commands from your brain.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about top 5 brain controlled computing gadgets you can use for interface with your thoughts to give you a proper knowledge about  how much technology has grows and why these gadgets can provide the convenience to your daily life routines.

1) Muse

It is a gadget which is very portable and lighter and it can help you to relax and you can focus on to perform your mental challenges. This gadget is designed to allow you to control your handheld devices like androids, and I-phone with your mind. You can also perform double tasks where you are playing a video game and also can send message to your friends as well.Muse

2) Emotive EPOC

 If you are tired to use your mouse and keyboard to control your PC or laptops, Then Emotive EPOC can help you in so many ways. This device is not about computing interface but it is also capable of controlling the character’s movements while wearing a VR headset. It also has an electrical app that can be sued for the patients to move a wheelchair.Emotive EPOC

3) NEURO-sky mind wave

This gadget is designed as a headset to help improve the brains of kids and also it work on tablets. It features custom apps by having video games to teach of how you can use your brain in every way possible for external activities.NEURO

4) NEURO turntable mobile

If you remember the time when you make sync with your lips on your favorite music. But now you can have the freedom to play music from your Smartphone’s and desktops using your head to listen every tune you want. You can let the gadget turn the music for you and you don’t need to push any buttons.turntable mobile

5) Brain driver

This is the most amazing brain controlled computing gadget which utilizes the power of the brain to run Google driverless cars.

Brain driver

This device is currently in development but soon being available so you can run and control your car by having interface with your thoughts.