Does Eye Tribe really let’s you control your handheld devices without touching them

Does Eye Tribe really let’s you control your handheld devices without touching them

Have you ever thought about you can actually control your mobile devices using your eyes? For many users it was just only a dream to think this kind of technology will ever exist. But with passage of time most it companies still doing their efforts to give their dream a reality so it can benefit humans in so many ways, today, everyone loves to use devices like, Smartphone’s, laptops, and computers. Many of them usually spend countless hours to work on or playing video games. There will be a time come when you will get tired of using your thumbs and fingers pushing them and need to relax for a moment, but you want to complete your work no matter what. That is where you need to have something that has revolutionized the entire integrated user experience.

When you talk about the future technology how can you possibly forget about the role what handheld devices plays in our lives they can connect us and there is new technology in the horizon an eye tracking device that lets you control and work with your eye’s focus on screen.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about Does eye tribe really lets you control your handheld devices without touching them to help you understand what it is, how does it work, which are the products it can be integrated, how much it would cost you, and why this new technology is beneficial for the consumers devices.

What exactly it is?

It is an eye tracking device which uses software in the process of sensors to locate and navigate, when someone looks the screen. It is technology that relies on the infrared and mathematical motion models. It work automatically and very easy to set up and works pretty accurate and has the ability to work in any environment.Eye Tribe

How does it work?

Its eye tracking movements work with a virtual reality headset, giving you a high level of performance with intuitive control system and voice gesture control, it offers a solution that no other technology has ever done in mobile devices.

Which are the products it can be integrated?

It has been built for the eye tracking solutions. Therefore it is compatible with various products including,

  1. Smartphone’s
  2. Tablets
  3. Electronics
  4. Cars

Also supports windows, Android OS, versions.

How much it would cost you?

In 2013 it was not a consumer’s product, until it was fully developed in 2016 and launched worldwide and people could attach it with any hardware they own to work from the gaze of their eyes. Eye tribe has a very portable structure and has very affordable price of $200 which is very cheap compare to its amazing technology.

Why this new technology is beneficial for the consumers’ devices?

A person who really likes to browse websites or play games or even use various applications, it can certainly help them to navigate from their eyes and it won’t even damage their vision. Allowing you to have many controls and features the way you want to use your handheld devices.