Portable air conditioner


Portable air conditioners have array of different features and styles. It’s important to understand the different features portable air conditioners so you can choose the one that will best fit your needs and the needs of your family.


Whole house air conditioning units can really crank up the price on your monthly power bill, but any one of these three portable air conditioners can take care of cooling the room you’re in without breaking the bank. Any one of them is perfect for offices, bedrooms and garages as well as other rooms and you don’t have to worry about permanent installation. Just toll into the room you want it in and plug it in. Take cooling convenience to a whole new level.

Spot Cooling

If all you need to cool is your immediate surroundings, it doesn’t make sense to continuously run your entire central cooling system. Spot cooling with a portable air conditioner is a great way to stay comfortable without paying exorbitant energy bills.

For Customers

If you own your own business, your customers are probably your number one priority. Keeping them cool and comfortable is a given, and a portable air conditioner can make that happen without creating any unnecessary hassles or financial burdens. The EdgeStar 12,000 BTU unit brought cooling and comfort to this barbershop business:Portable air conditioner

For Better Sleep

It’s no secret that comfortable living conditions give way to better sleep. When heat and humidity is keeping you from getting adequate rest, consider using a portable air conditioner in your bedroom.

Important to know

BTU rating is the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove from a room. For a duel hose portable A/C, about 30% of that heat is the waste heat produced by the unit itself. For single hose portable air conditioner, about 50% of that heat is produced by the unit or sucked in by the unit from outside the house. In comparison, a window unit or a central air unit only has waste heat from the indoor fan for removal that could be less than 5%.

How they work

Unlike a window air conditioner, all the mechanical parts of a portable air conditioner are sitting in the room you’re trying to cool. This contributes to the noise and less-than-capable cooling, as the portable unit is using conditioned air from the room to cool the condenser and exhausts the hot air out an ungainly exhaust hose that resembles a dryer vent. That creates negative pressure causing unconditioned warm air from surrounding rooms or outdoors to be drawn into the room you’re trying keep cool.

Now you can choose a suitable portable conditioners for your room. There is a variety of portable conditioners you can visit on online websites.