Who is dominating Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Amazon in this one niche area

No doubt google, yahoo are the best compitant. Do you remember which of these you signed in last time?

Here is the news 88% of consumers have logged into a website or app using an existing social network account, according to customer identity management provider Gigya. That’s up 11% from 2014.

Gigya studied the data from more than 700 of its customers, and discovered that more than 60% of people who used social logins sign up with their Facebook accounts.

More than 80% of the top 100 grossing apps on iOS and Android offer Facebook Login as a sign-in option. When looking at mobile devices only, Facebook led the pack by an even greater percentage, capturing a whopping 77% of social login usage.

Those percentages blow past the marketshare of other major companies like Google (20%), Twitter (6%), and Yahoo (4%). Yahoo’s share was hit particularly hard this year, declining 11 percentage points since 2014.

With every social login a company gets, it get useful data, too.

“It’s beneficial, because they can collect more information on the backend,” Gigya corporate communications manager  Reeyaz Hamirani tells Business Insider.

For ecommerce sites, Amazon and PayPal logins are gaining market share.

Facebook’s total Q2 2015 login share of 70 percent fell 2 percent in the last quarter, while Amazon garnered a total of 7 percent market share and PayPal captured 3 percent, Gigya says.

Facebook is losing one of its revenue streams because everyone is glued to their phones

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Although people spend an astonishing 46 minutes per day on Facebook’s various properties, they’re mostly accessing them via their smartphones. Games all have their own dedicated apps. Eventually, Facebook may make essentially zero percent of its revenue from games. Moreover, Facebook said that it expects that stream of revenue to continue to dry up as fewer people use the site from their desktop computers.