Mobile Technologies


A mobile is a telephone with access to a cellular radio system that is used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network is called a cell, cellular phone, mobile phone or simply mobile. Mobile connects to a wireless communications network through radio wave or satellite transmission. In 1900, on December 23 on the outskirts of Washington, D.C an inventor named Reginald. Fessenden accomplished a remarkable feat: He made the first wireless telephone.

The use of a mobile phone is not limited to speaking alone it is being used in making video, recording information and transmitting it to a phone or a computer as was being done by a computer. Mobile phone can be connected to a computer to download information from it or vice versa. Other facilities like on line chatting, conferencing, sending text, transferring MMS information by a mobile phone are compatible with a computer. Its use is increasing rapidly due to its smart apps.

Mobile Technologies

Many latest Mobiles Features

  • Digital camera
  • Voice recorder
  • Video recorder
  • Music player
  • TV
  • Bar-code reader
  • Documents viewer
  • Web client
  • E-mail client
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Games
  • Wallet
  • Computer adjunct

Mobile apps are widely used throughout the world. The technology of Bluetooth is providing people the facility of communicating with people using in a limited range. This technology is very useful while driving or doing some important work. Moreover mobile is the important way to meet daily routine work out. People keep their important information in their personal cells. It saves their time and energy by following different tasks on mobiles related to their work.Mobiles are developed that supports wi-Fi and mi-Fi connections to use internet on mobiles.The mobiles like I-phones , IPad’s are giving advanced technologies in touch functions.

Mobile Technologies

Latest Mobile Technology in Near Future

  1. Multi-hope relay networks
  2. Femtocells and fixed-mobile convergence
  3. Minuscule,less power-hungry mobile chips
  4. Wireless USB and ultramodern
  5. Nearly flawless speech recognition
  6. Fold-able displays and e papers
  7. Centralized storage

With better applications and better access . It is sure that mobiles will have a significant place in our lives forever and updation in its apps will always change accordingly.