What is Bluetooth And Its Function

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data between different electronic devices. The distance of data transmission is small in comparison to other modes of wireless communication.

In 1994 a group of engineers at Ericsson, a Swedish company, invented a wireless communication technology, later called Bluetooth. In 1998, the original group of Promoter companies—Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba and IBM—came together to form the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Since no single company owns the technology, the SIG member companies work together to preserve, educate, and further Bluetooth technology as a means to bring devices into the connected world.

Radios and TV broadcasts over many miles or kilometers. Bluetooth technology sends information within your Personal Area Network or “PAN” (aka your own personal space) at distances up to 100 meters (328 feet)—depending upon device implementation. Bluetooth technology operates in the unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band at 2.4 to 2.485 GHz, using a spread spectrum, frequency hopping, full-duplex signal at a nominal rate of 1600 hops/sec.

The Key Features Of Bluetooth Technology

  • Less complication
  • Less power consumption
  • Available at cheaper rates
  • Robustness

What Is Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology permits hands free headset for incoming voice calls, ability of printing and fax, and automatic synchronization of PDA.The other uses are dependent on the Bluetooth profiles that are supported by the devices in question. There are multiple versions of the Bluetooth specification in use, and in order for full functionality to be possible, the devices on both sides of a connection must be of the same version. This is not to say that a Bluetooth 1.1 headset, for example, will not work with a Bluetooth 2.0 phone – it will. It is only to say that in order to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 2.0’s features, such as faster connection times, a Bluetooth 2.0 (or later) headset would have to be used.We all love our smart phone and tablets but sometime we want to use them hands free. What is Bluetooth real advantage?

Bluetooth Real Advantages

  1. Bluetooth in cars
  2. Bluetooth in ears to make calls free hand
  3. Bluetooth for health and fitness
  4. Bluetooth in homes and offices

What Is Bluetooth

Why Is Bluetooth Famous Now days

It is vey affordable. It is fully automated. Bluetooth is standardized, meaning that a high level of compatibility is guaranteed. It invariably avoid interference from other wireless devices. This technology requires a very small energy. It uses low power signals. Moreover up gradable is the standard for Bluetooth.What is Bluetooth range you can connect up to seven range devices to each other with in the range of 30 feet. Bluetooth technology is a world wide, widespread wireless standard. With it now as popular as it is, you can rely on it being a standard for years to come. As more and more devices start to use Bluetooth technology, more manufacturers will be eager to make their products compatible.