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Upcoming mobile in 2015  this year is already proving to be a great year for smartphones. Here we round up 25 of the best new phones that have or are soon to be announced in 2015, including the best new Samsung phones, best new Sony phones,

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Upcoming Mobile Technology

LG Storming With Flexible Phone Screens

Korean manufacturer LG is firmly set on delivering bendy handsets, with the construction of a spangly new factory for crafting flexible screens.
With the average smartphone size actually increasing with each year that passes, foldable phones seem like the perfect solution to bulging pockets and bags. If you can crush down your mighty 7-inch phablet to a compact square for transport, it’ll mean the best of both worlds; a portable handset that also boasts a mighty screen for media. When that happens, of course, you can kiss goodbye to the humble tablet, which will suddenly become redundant.

Nokia Lumia Cell Phones

Nokias Virtual Reality Plans

Nokia is looking to bounce back into the consumer products space through virtual reality, and will announce its plans at a VIP event in Los Angeles next week
Now, it seems Nokia Technologies will reveal the virtual reality product before it re-enters the smartphone market. Nokia Technologies has so far only made the Nokia N1 tablet for the Chinese market, while it has a few products on the software side as well. The company currently makes networking equipment and has a mapping unit called Here. Nokia is also working on the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, giving clear signs that Nokia wants to be a big name in the tech space again. While the company has not revealed much about its new VR product, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri did speak of “immersive imaging” at a recent shareholders’ meeting.

VETERAN touch typists with fingers trained in QWERTY must despise smartphone keyboards.Zagg Pocket: an easy way to transform a smartphone into a highly mobile computer.There are a lot of thoughtful features in this keyboard, too.For starters, it will work with Google Android and Apple iOS devices. To switch between the two, users hit a different key during the initial Bluetooth pairing.

Secondly, Zagg promises its battery will last two years between charges.Thirdly, it features a fold-out ledge to hold a phone in place, and a stand to prop it up on a desk.And lastly, it reliably pairs with its host each and every time it’s unfolded, without requiring another trip into the settings menu.Almost as big  Zagg’s Pocket is 85 per cent as big as a standard keyboard. Source: SuppliedBeing as small as it is, there are unavoidable compromises in this keyboard too.